Mystic Marauder Surprise Bonus! #fantasyromance #reverseharem #pirates #witches #vampires #shifters #kickstarter

Our Kickstarter is less than $15 away from $3500, and we have a surprise bonus waiting for everyone at that point…and we’re going to share it here. 🙂

Surprise Bonus

At $3500, we’ll be giving away character chibis of Destiny and her harem. Check them out below–they’re super-cute! 

Share the Kickstarter

We’d love it if you clicked over to the main page and shared the Kickstarter on social media!

Enter the Giveaway

And remember to enter the giveaway. We’ve added new entry options, so even if you’ve already entered, there are new ways to enter to win! All you have to do is follow and share on social media–and we have the links ready for you

Witchy Pirate Story

We’re currently working on our book, so we’re planning to have an excerpt for you soon. Keep an eye out here!

Publishing on Kickstarter

And as always, backing publishers and authors on Kickstarter keeps the platform viable for new projects! Be sure to check out these amazing projects!


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