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Meet Blaize Silver. Monster Hunter. Earth Mage. Demon Cursed. And pissed off.Savage & Silver - Available only in Elementals


Last I’d heard, there weren’t any werewolves in southern Arizona at all. My cousins and I had wiped out the Phoenix pack almost four years ago, though, so I probably shouldn’t have been surprised that someone had decided to start looking at taking over the territory again,

The problem was, this was my territory.

Well, one of the problems.

The other problem—and probably the biggest difficulty for me, if I were willing to admit it—was that I had no idea where either of my cousins was at the moment.

Without them, I was likely to be much less effective against these shapeshifters, given the fact that a silver bullet was the best way to take them down.

Also? I’m deathly allergic to silver.


Savage & Silver by Margo Bond Collins.

Available only in Elementals: A Limited Edition Urban Fantasy Collection.


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Night Covenant: #99c PreOrder! #vampires #witches #PNR #MFRWHooks

¸.•*✫´*•.¸WITCHES & VAMPIRES¸.•*✫´*•.¸


A witch by any other name would spell as sweetly.

Vampires and witches rule opposite sides of the post-Rift city of Carpathia, each faction controlling one side of what used to be Budapest. Despite the Verona Accord, an uneasy alliance that prevents all-out war between the two groups, each side blames the other for the increasing decay and deprivation within the Division, and war threatens their fragile stability.

Juliska Capros, the strongest Taltos witch born since the Rift, is in love with Román Montag, a man who not only isn’t her betrothed, and isn’t even a witch, but is the scion of the hated Magyars, the leading Berkano vampire family. For Juliska and Román, every moment together is a stolen treasure, one they fear they can’t keep.

But when they discover their families might be hiding the means to break the curse that is slowly killing their Division, these star-crossed lovers set out to overcome their families’ enmity and save their city.

NIGHT COVENANT is a stand-alone full-length novel in the Berkano Vampire Collection. Get this post-apocalyptic paranormal romance re-imagining of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet today!

Pre-Order Price: 99c


iBooks: coming soon


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