Blades & Brawls: A Mystic Marauder Heroine’s Origin Story

As we head into the Thanksgiving holidays in the US, we are being inundated with Black Friday & Cyber Monday specials–so we decided to do one, too!

Blades & Brawls

Everyone who backs the Mystic Marauder Kickstarter campaign November 21-28 will get a FREE copy of Blades & Brawls, the origin story of our heroine, Destiny Blade!

If you’ve already pledged to the campaign, your copy of Blades & Brawls will be activated as soon as anyone pledges this week, so be sure to share the Mystic Marauder campaign by clicking on the social media links on the main page or by sharing through our Mystic Marauder Giveaway (or by telling everyone about it over Thanksgiving dinner, if that’s your style! 🙂 )

About Destiny Blade:

I was born on the island of Tortuga. My mother died and one of her brothel customers taught me to be a thief. I stole and stole and stole until I sneaked my way into a pirate ship at fourteen.

By sixteen, I was running my own crew. I fought and scraped my way into this life and my grandmother’s bruja magic didn’t do me any favors. Healing magic was pretty much useless for a pirate who only wanted to kill and to steal.

But what’s the life of a pirate without adventure? I never expect to live past my twenties anyway.

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Have a great week, and Happy Reading!

~Cali & Margo

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