Fiendish Fury: Tessa Fury, Accidental Bounty Hunter 1 #ParanormalMystery #werewolf #MFRWHooks


Do not feel sorry for the werewolf, Tessa.  

But no matter how I reprimanded myself, I felt a twinge of sympathy go through me. 

What if Helen was right and Niko Savas hadn’t committed these murders? 

What if he was innocent? 

It’s not my job to figure that out, I reminded myself. Hell, it wasn’t even really my job to catch him. I’m just doing this so I can get enough money to make it until I can get a real job. 

Preferably one that didn’t involve hanging out in clubs that got firebombed or getting kidnapped in my own home by homicidal werewolves. 

Except this werewolf did not seem homicidal.  

If I had any sense at all, I would call the police now. 

After I handcuffed him. 

It was all I could do to keep from thwacking myself in the forehead.  


I had handcuffs threaded with a silver chain in my pocket. I could have slapped them on his hand when he was showing me those claws, and this would have been done with. 

What the hell is wrong with me? 

I mentally measured the distance across the table. Would I be able to get the cuffs out, get them open, and slide them on Savas’s wrists—or even one wrist—before he could do serious damage to me? 

If Savas had been a regular human, maybe. But I’d seen those specials on the news programs where they showed videos of shapeshifters running. 

Those fuckers were fast.

Order your copy of Fiendish Fury now!

Meet Tessa Fury: accidental bounty hunter of all things supernatural, dangerous, and outside the law.

Twelve years ago, the supernatural world revealed itself to the rest of us. Vampires, werewolves, fairies—all real.

Twelve hours ago, I accidentally took a job as a supernatural bounty hunter, tracking down the worst of the things that go bump in the night.

And twelve minutes ago, I’m pretty sure I died.

I had absolutely zero plans to become a monster hunter.

I got okey-doked into it. You know—those times when a friend is outlining a plan for the day and you’re just going along with it like an idiot, saying yes to everything…right up to the moment you realize you’ve just said “okey-doke” to going after a feral werewolf with nothing but a butcher knife and a Tootsie Pop in your pocket.

If I survive this werewolf hunt, I’m changing jobs.


It just pays so damn much…

If I catch the bad guys.

And assuming I live through the night.

If you can’t get enough of books by Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews, Kelly St. Claire, Annette Marie, Shannon Mayer, Leia Stone, Jaymin Eve, and Linsey Hall, then you’ll love this urban fantasy, paranormal mystery adventure series.

Order your copy of Fiendish Fury now!

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Blades & Brawls: A Mystic Marauder Heroine’s Origin Story

As we head into the Thanksgiving holidays in the US, we are being inundated with Black Friday & Cyber Monday specials–so we decided to do one, too!

Blades & Brawls

Everyone who backs the Mystic Marauder Kickstarter campaign November 21-28 will get a FREE copy of Blades & Brawls, the origin story of our heroine, Destiny Blade!

If you’ve already pledged to the campaign, your copy of Blades & Brawls will be activated as soon as anyone pledges this week, so be sure to share the Mystic Marauder campaign by clicking on the social media links on the main page or by sharing through our Mystic Marauder Giveaway (or by telling everyone about it over Thanksgiving dinner, if that’s your style! 🙂 )

About Destiny Blade:

I was born on the island of Tortuga. My mother died and one of her brothel customers taught me to be a thief. I stole and stole and stole until I sneaked my way into a pirate ship at fourteen.

By sixteen, I was running my own crew. I fought and scraped my way into this life and my grandmother’s bruja magic didn’t do me any favors. Healing magic was pretty much useless for a pirate who only wanted to kill and to steal.

But what’s the life of a pirate without adventure? I never expect to live past my twenties anyway.

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Mystic Marauder Update! #kickstarter #reverseharem #books #fantasy #paranormal #pirates #romance

We are moving right along with our campaign. This week, we’ve gotten more art in from our artists–in particular, the first character card and the second vellum artwork. Check it out below!

New Artwork

New Stretch Goals

Also, we’ve added a surprise Stretch Goal. When we hit $5500 in pledges, we will include a bonus postcard with the cover art from Book 1 for all merch-level backers and a printable bookmark with the same artwork for all backers.

If you want to help us reach that goal, you can share the project by going to our main page and clicking on the social media icons and/or by entering to win our Premier Swag Pack giveaway!

And finally, we’ve updated our Stretch Goals to include the next listed stretch goal–a set of the merman NSFW or the SFW art printed on vellum (your choice) for merch-level backers.

Mystic Marauder: Vampires & Violence, Pirate’s Treasure Journal, New Art, & More! #kickstarter #books #pirates #vampires #shifters #witches

Hello, everyone! We have several updates today–check them out below!

Stretch Goal #3

We’ve hit our third stretch goal and will be writing Vampires & Violence, the villain’s origin story!

Stretch Goal #4

And our next stretch goal bonus is an exclusive Pirate’s Treasure journal. Everyone will get a printable version, and merch-level backers will get a paperback copy.

Vellum Art #1

We have the first scene from the book for the vellum inserts!

Weekly Bonus

Back the campaign by November 15 and get Winter Wonders, an anthology including a story by Cali Mann!


Don’t forget to enter to win the Premier Swag Pack. Even if you’ve already entered, be sure to check in again–there are new ways to enter!

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Mystic Marauder Series: New Artwork, Next Stretch Goal, and An Excerpt #kickstarter #reverseharem #fantasyromance #excerpt

Hello, and happy Monday! Check out the new artwork we’ve gotten and our first excerpt from the Mystic Marauder prequel.

Artwork Update

We are reaching out today to let you know that we are gathering together all the artwork for this series–we have gotten the first piece back from the artist. Check it out below!

We’ll be getting more art in over the next week or two and will share it with you as it comes in.

Next Stretch Goal

We are SO close to the next stretch goal–and once we hit it, we’ll be writing our villain’s vampiric origin story. We’ve had a ton of fun outlining his story!

Share the Campaign

To help us hit that goal, be sure to head over to the campaign and share it on social media. You can also enter to win a Premier Swag Pack in our giveaway by sharing the campaign on social media.

Excerpt from Maps & Massacres, the Mystic Marauder Prequel

Henry St. John, Third Son of the Earl of Northridge

I spent all afternoon at the taverns near the wharf, searching for someone who could provide what I needed. But Father wasn’t the only member of our family with connections. By dinnertime, I had made my arrangements.

My willingness to spend my father’s money with reckless abandon to get what I wanted helped. After all, it wasn’t like I was going to be around to suffer his wrath.

I cashed in several of my own accounts, as well, secreting my wealth in stashes hidden around my body and in the single bag I packed to take with me.

After dark that night, I made my way down to the Port of London. Giant sailing ships crowded the Thames, and it took me longer than I’d anticipated to find The Shadowheart, moored as she was away from the docks.

Finally, I found a dockhand willing to row me out for a few shillings, and we waited in the shadow of the ship. From high above me, I heard a rustling, and then the thump, thump, thump of a rope ladder slapping down beside me. I glanced up to see the face of the sailor I’d met that afternoon peering down over the railing, just long enough to wave a hand at me to hurry up.

The ladder swayed underneath my feet, reminding me of the games I had played in treehouses on my father’s estate when I was a child. I made my way up as quickly as I could, though by the time I reached the top, I wished I had thought to bring gloves. Even my worst riding gloves would have been useful.

The sailor helped me scramble over the railing and onto the deck, then shushed me as I started to thank him. Tugging me along behind him, he led me to a hatch leading belowdecks.

At least this hatch had a ladder made of wood leading down. The hold he led me to was close and dark and dank. It smelled of old seawater and the damp wood of barrels tightly packed, full of grain and alcohol and other goods.

He led me to a back corner where the cargo had been arranged to form a hollow space behind and under crates and barrels. It wasn’t obvious unless you knew it was there. And it wasn’t very big, either—there was just enough space one person to hide in if he curled up to sleep. One end of the hidey-hole stretched tall enough for me to stand straight, but only barely.

“You’ll need to spend the bulk of your time here,” the sailor instructed me. The makeshift cabin held a tin plate, a metal cup, and a single lantern with only the tiniest bit of oil. The sailor gestured at it. “I’ll replenish that as I can, too, but shipboard stores are carefully accounted for—I can’t promise much. You’ll probably want to save the light for later in the journey. I’ll open up the hatch during the day when I can, but sunlight will be even rarer than lamp oil.”

He pulled a few candle stubs out of his pocket. “I nabbed these, too, but the last stowaway we had near went mad, trapped down here all hours of the day and night in the dark with nothing to do but think.”

I nodded, thankful I’d thought to pack a book in my pack—at least I’d have something to while away the few hours of light I managed to get.

“I can bring you food every couple of days,” the sailor continued, “but you’ll need to be careful not to draw attention to yourself. If you do get caught and you’re lucky, the captain won’t toss you overboard immediately.” He shrugged. “Then again, she will put you to work, and you may wish you’d ended up walking the plank. Especially once we get to Australia and she sells you off as an indentured servant—or worse, reports you as a transported criminal just to punish you for stowing away. Much better to hide all the way there and let me sneak you off the ship as a free man, even if you’re an insane one by then.”

I nodded, though my heart was pounding. Was it worth the risk just to avoid going into the clergy?

Yes, I decided. I cannot live a lie.

I pulled a coin out of my purse and handed it to him. I didn’t let him see how much more I had—better, I thought, to pay him in increments than to risk having my throat cut in my sleep if he thought he’d soaked me for all I had. Not that he couldn’t do that and rifle through my lifeless body and belongings, anyway. I had to hope he was more trustworthy than he looked. Or at least greedy enough to hope for more every day.

He gave me a scratchy, rough-smelling blanket, and left me to come to terms with my new quarters.

I settled in for the longest, loneliest journey of my life.

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Mystic Marauder Surprise Bonus: Original Watercolor Scene #kickstarter #reverseharem #fantasyromance #pirates #shifters #vampires #witches

Surprise Bonus

When we get halfway between stretch levels 2 & 3, we will include a surprise bonus–an original watercolor of a scene from Mystic Marauder! Everyone will receive a digital copy, and all merch-level backers will receive a postcard print of the image.


Remember to enter to win the Premium Mystic Marauder Romance Swag Pack giveaway!

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Mystic Marauders Cover Reveal: Vampires & Violence #Kickstarter #vampires #pirates #shifters #witch #reverseharem #romance

Hello, and welcome to November!

Stretch Goal #3

We are heading toward the third stretch goal and Vampires & Violence, a brand-new origin story for our vampiric villain Thomas Le Baron. 

When we hit the goal, we’ll add an ebook version of this story for everyone, and for merch-level backers, we’ll include the story in the paperback with Maps & Massacres

Check out the cover for Vampires & Violence below:

New Backer Bonus

Back the Mystic Marauder campaign by Nov. 7 and get Midnight Kissed by Mila Young.

Coming Soon

In the meantime, we’re working on writing the books. And we’ll be sending out an excerpt soon, so keep an eye out here!

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Mystic Marauder Stretch Goal 2 Unlocked! #kickstarter #reverseharem #paranormalromance #historicalfantasy #pirates #vampires #shifters #witches

Welcome to this Mystic Marauder update!

Stretch Goals

Over the weekend, we reached our second stretch goal! That means everyone who backs the campaign will be getting pirate- and witch-themed stickers.

And our next stretch goal is the additional villain origin story, featuring the vampire Thomas Le Baron. We’ll share our cover for that with you soon. 

Bonus Books

Remember, if you pledge before the end of the day today, you will get A History of the Pyrates and The Witches’ Dream Book and Fortune Teller--plus any other bonus books we offer between now and the end of the campaign!

Supporting this Campaign

Thank you so much for supporting our campaign! And, as usual, we want to ask you to spread the word about it by clicking over to the main page and sharing it on social media, and by entering our giveaway!

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Mystic Marauder Series Stretch Goal 2 #kickstarter #crowdfunding #reverseharem #witches #pirates #shifters #vampires

Hi, everyone!

The Mystic Marauder Kickstarter is well on its way to Stretch Goal #2, the Witchy Pirate Sticker Set–check it out below! Thank you so much for those of you who are already backing the project–we’re super-excited about the Mystic Marauder series.

Stretch Goal #2

Maps & Massacres

We’re also almost ready to reveal the cover for Maps & Massacres, the Mystic Marauder prequel, so keep an eye out here!

Fan Group & Giveaway

There’s also a brand-new Facebook fan group for Shadowheart Media Publishing so you can get all the news as soon as it comes out! Be sure to join us over there. Also, don’t forget to enter to win our giveaway–we’re adding new ways to enter to win, so check it out!

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Mystic Marauder Surprise Bonus! #fantasyromance #reverseharem #pirates #witches #vampires #shifters #kickstarter

Our Kickstarter is less than $15 away from $3500, and we have a surprise bonus waiting for everyone at that point…and we’re going to share it here. 🙂

Surprise Bonus

At $3500, we’ll be giving away character chibis of Destiny and her harem. Check them out below–they’re super-cute! 

Share the Kickstarter

We’d love it if you clicked over to the main page and shared the Kickstarter on social media!

Enter the Giveaway

And remember to enter the giveaway. We’ve added new entry options, so even if you’ve already entered, there are new ways to enter to win! All you have to do is follow and share on social media–and we have the links ready for you

Witchy Pirate Story

We’re currently working on our book, so we’re planning to have an excerpt for you soon. Keep an eye out here!

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