Mystic Marauder Stretch Goal 2 Unlocked! #kickstarter #reverseharem #paranormalromance #historicalfantasy #pirates #vampires #shifters #witches

Welcome to this Mystic Marauder update!

Stretch Goals

Over the weekend, we reached our second stretch goal! That means everyone who backs the campaign will be getting pirate- and witch-themed stickers.

And our next stretch goal is the additional villain origin story, featuring the vampire Thomas Le Baron. We’ll share our cover for that with you soon. 

Bonus Books

Remember, if you pledge before the end of the day today, you will get A History of the Pyrates and The Witches’ Dream Book and Fortune Teller--plus any other bonus books we offer between now and the end of the campaign!

Supporting this Campaign

Thank you so much for supporting our campaign! And, as usual, we want to ask you to spread the word about it by clicking over to the main page and sharing it on social media, and by entering our giveaway!

Publishing on Kickstarter

The more you support publishers and authors on Kickstarter, the more exciting projects we can bring you–so be sure to check out the cool campaigns below!

The Knights of Stone

The Descansar Universe

The Garden Children

Grow Your Creative Mindset


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