Mystic Marauder: Vampires & Violence, Pirate’s Treasure Journal, New Art, & More! #kickstarter #books #pirates #vampires #shifters #witches

Hello, everyone! We have several updates today–check them out below!

Stretch Goal #3

We’ve hit our third stretch goal and will be writing Vampires & Violence, the villain’s origin story!

Stretch Goal #4

And our next stretch goal bonus is an exclusive Pirate’s Treasure journal. Everyone will get a printable version, and merch-level backers will get a paperback copy.

Vellum Art #1

We have the first scene from the book for the vellum inserts!

Weekly Bonus

Back the campaign by November 15 and get Winter Wonders, an anthology including a story by Cali Mann!


Don’t forget to enter to win the Premier Swag Pack. Even if you’ve already entered, be sure to check in again–there are new ways to enter!

Publishing on Kickstarter

And the more we all support publishing on Kickstarter, the more authors and publishers can bring you great backing bonuses–so check out these amazing campaigns!

Thanks so much for all your support!

~ Cali & Margo

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