Promise Forever: Fairy Tales with a Modern Twist #99c #ebooks

Promise Forever: Fairy Tales with a
Modern Twist on Sale for 99c

Same old fairy tales – but with a modern twist.

Everyone knows the stories of Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and
more, but you haven’t heard the stories quite like the ones in this
limited edition set! Some of these tales take place in our time, others
take place in the past or a fantasy world, but all of them will twist
what you think of the old stories. This set has a PG-13 rating, so
expect some language and moderate adult situations.

Included in this limited edition box set:
Cindi/Ella: When Shoes Speak By Bokerah Brumley
Sea Witch By USA Today Bestselling author, Pauline Creeden
The Beast’s Pretend Marriage By Award-winning author Cheryl Wright
Entangled By J. R. Castle
Hannah’s Second Chance By Award-winning author, Margaret Tanner
Crimson Hunter By USA Today Bestselling author N. D. Jones
Obsidian Stone By LJC Fynn

With more than 700 pages of captivating fiction, you’ll be enchanted by
Merlin, dive the depths with the little mermaid, and fear whether the
beast is friend or foe.

Are you ready to see old friends in a new light before your chance is
lost forever? Then order this limited-edition collection of exclusive
material from these USA Today and award-winning authors TODAY!


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“Your best friend. I’m sorry if I
hurt her. It was never my intention.”
“You didn’t hurt her, you jerk. You had a baby with her.”
Oh, crap.

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4 of the Players to Lovers Series in paperback.

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Ragan’s Song by L.A. Remenicky + #giveaway

It only took one look into his eyes
for her to know she was in trouble again.

Ragan returned home to celebrate her parent’s anniversary hoping they
would forgive her the secrets she’s kept from them over the last few
years. When she discovered that Adam was still living in Fairfield
Corners she hoped her secrets were safe, secrets that drove her away
three years, secrets that could change both their lives forever.

Adam Bricklin was devastated from Ragan Newlin left town. No note, no
email, no text. She was just gone. It has taken three years for Adam to
finally move past the heartbreak he suffered when Ragan left town. Now
he’s moved on and everything was going well until the day Ragan returned
to Fairfield Corners. Now the melody that he lost all those years ago is
back. It’s the same tune he heard that tells him right from wrong—the
one that sang Ragan was the one.

Even separation can’t silence Adam and Ragan’s song, and now that she’s
back it’s time for Adam to decide if he should let the song die or
breathe life into it once again.

RAGAN’S SONG by L.A. Remenicky


Fairfield Corners from LA

Love stories with a TWIST of

Each is a suspense filled

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