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Do not feel sorry for the werewolf, Tessa.  

But no matter how I reprimanded myself, I felt a twinge of sympathy go through me. 

What if Helen was right and Niko Savas hadn’t committed these murders? 

What if he was innocent? 

It’s not my job to figure that out, I reminded myself. Hell, it wasn’t even really my job to catch him. I’m just doing this so I can get enough money to make it until I can get a real job. 

Preferably one that didn’t involve hanging out in clubs that got firebombed or getting kidnapped in my own home by homicidal werewolves. 

Except this werewolf did not seem homicidal.  

If I had any sense at all, I would call the police now. 

After I handcuffed him. 

It was all I could do to keep from thwacking myself in the forehead.  


I had handcuffs threaded with a silver chain in my pocket. I could have slapped them on his hand when he was showing me those claws, and this would have been done with. 

What the hell is wrong with me? 

I mentally measured the distance across the table. Would I be able to get the cuffs out, get them open, and slide them on Savas’s wrists—or even one wrist—before he could do serious damage to me? 

If Savas had been a regular human, maybe. But I’d seen those specials on the news programs where they showed videos of shapeshifters running. 

Those fuckers were fast.

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Meet Tessa Fury: accidental bounty hunter of all things supernatural, dangerous, and outside the law.

Twelve years ago, the supernatural world revealed itself to the rest of us. Vampires, werewolves, fairies—all real.

Twelve hours ago, I accidentally took a job as a supernatural bounty hunter, tracking down the worst of the things that go bump in the night.

And twelve minutes ago, I’m pretty sure I died.

I had absolutely zero plans to become a monster hunter.

I got okey-doked into it. You know—those times when a friend is outlining a plan for the day and you’re just going along with it like an idiot, saying yes to everything…right up to the moment you realize you’ve just said “okey-doke” to going after a feral werewolf with nothing but a butcher knife and a Tootsie Pop in your pocket.

If I survive this werewolf hunt, I’m changing jobs.


It just pays so damn much…

If I catch the bad guys.

And assuming I live through the night.

If you can’t get enough of books by Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews, Kelly St. Claire, Annette Marie, Shannon Mayer, Leia Stone, Jaymin Eve, and Linsey Hall, then you’ll love this urban fantasy, paranormal mystery adventure series.

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