Mystic Marauder Series Stretch Goal 2 #kickstarter #crowdfunding #reverseharem #witches #pirates #shifters #vampires

Hi, everyone!

The Mystic Marauder Kickstarter is well on its way to Stretch Goal #2, the Witchy Pirate Sticker Set–check it out below! Thank you so much for those of you who are already backing the project–we’re super-excited about the Mystic Marauder series.

Stretch Goal #2

Maps & Massacres

We’re also almost ready to reveal the cover for Maps & Massacres, the Mystic Marauder prequel, so keep an eye out here!

Fan Group & Giveaway

There’s also a brand-new Facebook fan group for Shadowheart Media Publishing so you can get all the news as soon as it comes out! Be sure to join us over there. Also, don’t forget to enter to win our giveaway–we’re adding new ways to enter to win, so check it out!

Publishing on Kickstarter

Supporting publishers and authors on Kickstarter allows us to keep bringing you more projects with great new backer rewards, so be sure to click over and share Mystic Marauder on social media. Also, check out these other great publishing projects below.


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