Mystic Marauder Stretch Goal #1 UNLOCKED! Plus: Announcing the next two stretch goals! #kickstarter #pirates #reverseharem #shifters #vampires

Stretch Goal 1 Unlocked

Hi, all! We just unlocked the first stretch goal! Now everyone will be getting a special Pirate Queen Bookmark–digital for everyone and printed foiled bookmarks for merch backers!

Next Two Stretch Goals

We’re also ready to announce our next two stretch goals.

At the $4000 level, we’ll be sending out exclusive witch- and pirate-themed stickers to all merch backers, along with digital versions to all digital backers.

And at the $5000 level, we’ll write a brand-new exclusive villain origin story featuring Thomas Le Baron, the vampire who is hunting Destiny and her crew in the Mystic Marauder series.

And keep an eye out–we may be adding more surprise bonuses as we go!

The Next Weekly Bonus Books

We’re also ready to announce our next weekly bonus book! For everyone who backs the Mystic Marauder series by Oct. 31, we’ll be sending out two ebooks–one on pirates and one on witches. 

The first book is Daniel Defoe’s 1724 book, A General History of the Pyrates.

The second book is an 1885 volume entitled The Witches’ Dream Book and Fortune Teller.


Don’t forget to enter to win in the Mystic Marauder Giveaway!

Publishing Projects on Kickstarter

Again, thank you so much for your support! Remember, the more you support publishing on Kickstarter, the more authors and publishers can offer–so be sure to check out these great campaigns, too!

 Haunted Haven:

The Soul-Eater Trilogy:

The Starlight Chronicles:

The Lycan War Saga:

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