Alien Warrior Seduced ~ Excerpt #alienromance #newrelease ##MFRWhooks

If they can stop arguing over every decision, they might prevail.

He’s the leader of his clan, accustomed to being followed without question.

She’s the top salesperson in her company, used to negotiating every transaction.

Welcome to the Galactic Gladiator Games, where the toughest aliens in the galaxy fight for the most prestigious titles. But these games come with a twist: every alien warrior is mentally and emotionally bound to a potential Earth mate, forced to work with her to overcome their enemies–and sometimes each other.

Fans of Ruby Dixon, Evangeline Anderson, and Grace Goodwin will adore these hot alpha aliens and their sassy human mates.

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I spent my entire professional life dealing with overbearing men who thought they were smarter than me, better than I was at the same job that we both did. I wasn’t about to let this one get the better of me—even if he was not exactly a man. Not a human one, anyway.

“Do you have anything in that case of yours that might help?” He gestured at my pharmaceuticals samples case. 

Unfortunately, mostly what I had in there were weight-loss medications. I doubted either of us would be needing those. I suspected we would be lucky to get enough food to survive, much less eat so much that we’d need diet pills. 

However, I also kept a selection of other types of medications, as well, just in case the doctors I visited wanted them. 

“Nothing that will help deal with my shoe issue,” I finally said aloud. “But I do have some other things—painkillers, antibiotics, probiotics, even a few opioids and some massive anti-inflammatories.” 

The alien frowned at me, clearly sorting through my words—and probably my thoughts, as well. 

“I do not need to lose weight,” he finally said, glancing down at his ripped abs and trying to pinch any fat on his side. 

No, no he didn’t. He might be an overbearing son of a bitch, but he was definitely fit. 

He cocked an eyebrow at me. “You like my form, do you?” 

“I didn’t say that. And stay out of my thoughts.”

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3 comments on “Alien Warrior Seduced ~ Excerpt #alienromance #newrelease ##MFRWhooks

  1. Janet says:

    Intresting intro. They seem ill mated and yet…

  2. Fiona McGier says:

    Stay out of my thoughts? Seems like he can read minds–hers, at least. Bodes well for their future.

  3. Kate Hill says:

    Opposites make a fun story. Enjoyed the excerpt!

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