New Stretch Goal Perk + Extra Bonus in the Alien Bride Lottery Kickstarter’s last week! #aliens #scifiromance #kickstarter #crowdfunding

The Alien Bride Lottery Kickstarter just passed another stretch goal! In January 2023, I will be sending an audio annotation of Entered in the Alien Bride Lottery to all backers at the $5 and above level!

And as a bonus gift, I will send a magnet of the Alien Bride Lottery Vol. 1 to all backers whose pledges include physical merchandise.

We still have three days left in The Alien Bride Lottery Kickstarter, and these are the next two stretch goal rewards:

Stretch Goal 11: Every backer at $5 and above will receive an Alien Bride Lottery pin or keychain and every backer whose pledge level includes physical merch will receive a paperback copy of Betrayed by the Alien Bride Lottery.

Stretch Goal 12: I’ll send an audio file of the second Alien Bride Lottery short, “Betrayed by the Alien Bride Lottery,” read by the author (me!) to all backers at the $5 and above tiers.

To reserve your copies of these Alien Bride Lottery book perks, be sure to back the Alien Bride Lottery Kickstarter now.

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One Week Left to Back the Alien Bride Lottery #Kickstarter! #alienromance #scifiromance

The Alien Bride Lottery Kickstarter campaign is almost over! If you haven’t backed it yet, be sure to check it out here–as a backer, you can get tons of alien romance ebooks, paperbacks, hardbacks, swag, and more!

About The Alien Bride Lottery Volume 1 Limited Edition Hardcover

Are you a fan of sexy science fiction romance, hot aliens, and surprise meetings between fated mates?

Do you enjoy spicy alien romances?

Even more, are you looking for a guaranteed happily ever after?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then you don’t want to miss out on the passionate romance series The Alien Bride Lottery.

This hardcover edition includes Entered in the Alien Bride Lottery, Captured for the Alien Bride Lottery, and Claimed for the Alien Bride Lottery.

Adult Science Fiction Alien Romance 18+

 *** This book is 100% complete and is currently being re-edited. I am raising funds to create this special hardcover edition with professional formatting. *** 

Genre: Adult, Alien Romance, Science Fiction Romance

Format: Hardcover, paperback, and ebook (pdf, mobi, epub)

Page Count: 400+

The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games…In Space!

The Alien Bride Lottery Volume 1 tells the stories of three human women whose names are drawn in the Alien Bride Lottery to participate in the Bride Games as part of a treaty between the Khanavai warriors and Earth’s leaders—whether or not the women want to become an alien’s chosen mate! (Hint: they don’t!)

This book includes three novels, and you do not need to have read any of the other books in the series in order to enjoy this fantastic sci-fi romance.

The Alien Bride Lottery is fully written. It is currently being edited for a second time and is awaiting professional formatting.  This story, previously published on Amazon Kindle, has not been released in hardcover. This version also includes a hot bonus scene written especially for this edition!

I have successfully published more than fifty books on Amazon and various retailers.

The hardcover print version will not be available for purchase until late 2023, and that edition will not have all of the bonus content included in this book as presented with this Kickstarter offer.

About The Alien Bride Lottery, Vol. 1

The Setting

Station 21 is the Khanavai-run space station that is home to The Bride Games, the Bride Treaty’s answer to “neutral territory.” There, the brides whose names are drawn in the Bride Lottery compete for the chance to win an alien mate–and participation is compulsory. 

The Characters

The Heroes: Khanavai Males

Cav Adredoni is a pilot in the Khanavai space military, but he has plans to go through training to join the military intelligence unit. He doesn’t have time for a new mate, but this might be his only opportunity!

Zont Lanov is a member of the Khanavai’s military intelligence, a spy for his government. But when Dr. Amelia Rivers goes on the run rather than join the Bride Games, Zont decides she’s the mate for him and goes to Earth to track her down.

Eldron Gendovi is a military commander who takes care of his people–including the woman he hopes will become her mate and her young son–no matter what it takes.

The Heroines: Human Women

Natalie Ferguson is a college student with a crush on a jazz musician classmate. When her name is drawn in the Alien Bride Lottery, she’s determined to get out of marrying a total stranger. She’s playing this game to lose.

Amelia Rivers is a talented surgeon who’s avoided the Bride Lottery so far–and when her name is drawn, she removes her tracker and translator and runs. Too bad for her, Zont Lanov is as determined to catch her as she is to avoid being caught.

Mia Jones is in hiding from her abusive ex. But her black-market tracker isn’t as anonymous as she was assured, so when she’s taken to Station 21, she focuses on bringing her young son to join her…while Commander Gendovi focuses all his attention on her.

Plus a whole slew of fun alien sidekicks, most of whom are tasked with keeping the brides in check, including Vos Klavoii, the beleaguered and manipulative Games Director.

***To READ an excerpt from Entered in the Alien Bride Lottery, for free, CLICK HERE. ***

Back the Alien Bride Lottery Kickstarter by August 14 and get these books FREE:

The Alien Bride Lottery Kickstarter Perks also includes TWO new books: Evading the Alien Bride Lottery and Betrayed by the Alien Bride Lottery.

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Alien Bride Lottery Kickstarter: Stretch Goals & Bonus Updates!

Hi, everyone!

We’re past the 6th stretch goal, thanks to all you amazing folks who backed the project! I have reached out to an artist to commission the chapter headings for the special edition of the hardcover edition. I can’t wait to share them with you!

I’m also adding a new bonus perk to everyone who backed at a level to receive physical merch (or who orders physical merchandise as an add-on). You’ll all be getting a signed bookplate sticker. Check out the design below—I’ll be signing these right before I send them out!

We’re on our way to goal #7 – which is…a second ebook volume of early science fiction stories by women. I used to be a college English professor and have edited a lot of collections of works by other authors—I’ve had a lot of fun putting this one together and am excited about sharing it with you. You can see the cover for this one below!

Awesome, huh? Keep spreading the word about the project, because I know we can make this goal!


Alien Bride Lottery Hardcover #Kickstarter Update 6: Another Stretch Goal, More Bonuses Unlocked!

Once again, I’m thrilled to announce that The Alien Bride Lottery Kickstarter has hit its next stretch goal!

Stretch Goal #5: Unlocked

I’ve created new printable bookmarks from the latest artwork. Check them out below!

Surprise Bonus #6: Unlocked

For this week’s surprise bonus, I’ve added a printable alien-themed word search—it will go out to every backer.

New Stretch Goals

I’ve also added some new stretch goals recently, so check out the bonuses that will be headed your way as we unlock each new level:

  • At $3500, I’ll commission illustrated chapter headings for the special edition hardcover.
  • At $4000, I’ll create a new ebook collection of early science fiction stories by women.
  • At $4500, I’ll send a signed bookmark to every backer whose pledge includes physical merch.
  • At $5000, I’ll write a second Alien Bride Lottery short story (title TBD) to be sent to every backer digitally in January 2023.
  • At $5500, I’ll send an audio annotation of the first Alien Bride Lottery book to all backers at the $5 and above level.
  • At $6000, every backer at $5 and above will receive an Alien Bride Lottery pin or keychain.
  • At $6500, I’ll send an audio file of the second Alien Bride Lottery short story (title TBD) read by the author (me!) to all backers at the $5 and above tiers.
  • At $10,000, I’ll send a 4×6-inch print of the artwork to every backer.
  • If I hit $15,000 or more, I will send a signed paperback copy of Evading the Alien Bride Lottery and an 8×10-inch print of the exclusive art to every backer.

In case you missed it last time:

I’m already planning out my next couple of projects—but I’d like to get your input on which one(s) I should set up as Kickstarters first! None of these will go live before the current Alien Bride Lottery Kickstarter is done, of course, but I’ll need to start gathering up the extras that I’ll be giving away as bonuses during the Kickstarter run.

Right now, I’ve got six possible series ideas. Five of these are connected to new series: Alien Guardians, Alien War Brides, Abracadabra Apocalypse, Shadow Chronicles, or Borrowed Wings. OR I could use Kickstarter to finish out my Star Mate Interstellar Shifters series. You can see some of the covers from the projects below, and I’d love it if you took the quiz to let me know which one I should start with! 

Again, thank you SO MUCH for your support and encouragement! As the campaign continues, I’ll continue to share more surprise bonuses to celebrate and share with you, so be sure to spread the word.

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Remember to Enter to Win

And as long as you’re sharing information about the campaign anyway, you should enter for the chance to win an exclusive Alien Romance Premium Swag Pack! (These are different from the goodies available via Kickstarter, just FYI.)

Final Chance to Get Early Backer Rewards

Also, the Early Backer Ebook Rewards (five hot alien and sci-fi romances by some of my favorite authors!) end on July 15, so if you’ve been waiting to back the campaign, now is the time to do it!

Tell Me More!

And I know I continue to ask this in every update, but as I continue to add stretch goals, I’d love to know: what are your favorite kinds of bonuses to receive when backing a publishing Kickstarter campaign?

Click on over to the campaign and let me know with a comment on this post.

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While I continue to decide what to do next time, please do continue to support this campaign by sharing the info about the book and rewards with a friend!

Finally, before you go, check out these great publishing campaigns by other authors, too!

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A collection of Apocalyptic poetry that follows the Four Horsemen as they cross paths with Demons, Angels, Gods & Fae. Plus, a puzzle.

Have a great week, and I’ll see you here again soon!



Dating an Alien: The Pros and Cons

There are plenty of reasons to love alien romance novels. They’re often incredibly imaginative and can take us to places we’ve never been before. But what if you found yourself actually dating an alien? Would it be all sunshine and roses? Here are a few possible pros and cons to help you decide.

On the plus side, aliens are often portrayed as being very understanding and patient creatures. They know what it’s like to be different, so they would probably be very accepting of any quirks or idiosyncrasies you might have.

Then again, there are many pros and cons to dating an alien, just as there are with dating anyone else.

One pro is that they come from a different perspective and might be able to help you see things in a new light. Also, they have the potential to be very exciting and adventurous, since everything about them is new to you. On the downside, aliens might not always understand human customs or emotions, which can lead to misunderstandings.

One pro of dating an alien is that they might be able to help you expand your perspective.

If you’re considering dating an alien, there are a few things you should consider. On the plus side, they come from a different perspective and might be able to help you see things in a new light. They might also be more open-minded than humans when it comes to relationships.

However, there are some downsides to dating an alien. They may not be able to understand human emotions and behavior, which can lead to misunderstandings. There’s also the possibility that they have completely different values and beliefs than you do, which could make for a very challenging relationship.

Another pro is that aliens have the potential to be very exciting.

When you date an alien, you’re dating someone who is completely new to you. There’s no need to worry about your partner getting bored with you because everything about you is exciting and adventurous–and the reverse is true, too! They might not be from your home planet, but that just means that you have brand-new, interesting stories and experiences to share with each other. So if you’re looking for something new and exciting in a relationship, dating an alien may be the perfect option for you.

A downside of dating an alien is that the potential for misunderstandings.

A downside of dating an alien is that they might not always understand human customs or emotions, which can lead to misunderstandings. For example, if you are feeling sad and your alien partner tries to cheer you up by doing a handstand, it might not be the reaction you were hoping for. Additionally, aliens may not have the same understanding of social cues as humans do, so they might unintentionally say or do something that offends you–or other humans around you. However, if you are patient and willing to teach your partner about human customs and emotions, dating an alien could be a fun and rewarding experience.

If you can’t find your own spicy hot alien to date, check out some of these books to get your alien groove on!

You’d think being abducted by aliens would be the worst thing that could happen to me. And you’d be wrong. Because now, the aliens are having ship trouble, and they’ve left their cargo of human women – including me – on an ice planet.

And the only native inhabitant I’ve met? He’s big, horned, blue, and really, really has a thing for me…

I woke from cryostasis a prisoner. My crime? I have no idea. 
I was stuck with a hundred other women, all headed to who knows where. Captive in a dank, dirty cargo hold. 
Then, out of the darkness, came Solair. 
A handsome alien. Golden skinned. Horned. The dashing captain of a pirate ship. They rescued us–he gave my people food, shelter, and promised us safety. In exchange?
He took me for himself. 
But the people who captured us, haven’t given up. They want us back. They’re powerful and will do whatever it takes to find us. The only thing stopping them?

He wants me. And what he takes…
He keeps.

A middle aged science teacher who feels unloved and unwanted meets
Three huge alien warriors desperate to find their Queen
When Terra agrees to go on a quest with V’rone, Tem, and Rive
Will she end up as…the Queen of their Colony?

If they can stop arguing over every decision, they might prevail.

He’s the leader of his clan, accustomed to being followed without question.

She’s the top salesperson in her company, used to negotiating every transaction.

Welcome to the Galactic Gladiator Games, where the toughest aliens in the galaxy fight for the most prestigious titles. But these games come with a twist: every alien warrior is mentally and emotionally bound to a potential Earth mate, forced to work with her to overcome their enemies–and sometimes each other.

The Alien Bride Lottery on Kickstarter

And if you love alien romance, be sure to check out my Alien Bride Lottery Kickstarter for tons of alien-themed romance bonuses, including books, short stories, swag, and more!

Tiny and Fierce #excerpt #reverseharem #scifi #alienromance #MFRWHooks

Welcome to this week’s Book Hooks blog hop, sponsored by Marketing for Romance Writers! For my part of the hop, I’m sharing an excerpt from Tiny and Fierce: Her Alien Crew Book 1. Check it out below, then follow the link to the rest of the hop for some great romance books!

Available on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited

In a galaxy where humans are considered the least of all races, she’ll build a crew that adores her strength and style.

When Lise Klein took over her family’s deep-space salvage company, she never expected to stumble through a wormhole into a whole other galaxy full of strange alien races ruled by a cruel empress.

She learns she’s not the first human to wind up there—but the others were captured and sold as slaves. She’ll have to fight to survive.

All she wants is to find a way home. But when she takes on a crew of alien conmen, she finds something truly worth fighting for.

Now, to stay alive, they may have to free the entire system. Luckily for all of them, Lise may be little, but she’s tough.

Her Alien Crew is a slow-burn sci fi reverse harem romance featuring a fae prince with a giant ego and a smart mouth, an insectoid Chilchek warrior with a sensitive soul, and a mysterious, brooding fighter with the wings of a dragonfly—plus an illegally enhanced AI ship captained by one tiny human with room enough in her heart for them all.

Fans of Ruby Dixon, Anna Zaires, and Rebecca Royce will love this hot new whychoose sci-fi romance.


“You’re a cheat and a liar!”

I didn’t turn to find the source of the voice. It had nothing to do with me.

After a heartbeat, I realized the translation running from The Bluebird to the communication device implanted behind my ear didn’t come with its usual delay.

“Way to go, Blue,” I whispered. “You’re getting better at this.”

My ship’s AI snorted in my ear. “I didn’t translate that.”

Frowning, I spun around on my too-tall barstool, designed for creatures much larger than any human. In the corner of the spaceport bar, a Chilchek warrior unfolded himself to his full height—easily seven feet, not counting his pincer horns. Those added at least another three feet to his height.

Even in the dim lighting preferred by most of the bar’s patrons, the royal blue of the Chilchek’s chitinous body gleamed, the color a sure sign that he was male. The facets of his eyes twirled in shades of blue and green. He lifted all four of the legs—arms?—attached to his thorax and pointed them at the man he was facing off against.

Man. As in human male.

I gasped, my eyes widening. No wonder Blue hadn’t had to translate his speech.

A series of clicks and snaps came from the mandibles around the Chilcheck’s mouth. A heartbeat later, Blue’s translation came through. You dare dishonor my colony name? I will squash you like the tiny bug you are.

Bug? That was a bit rich, coming from a Chilchek. I bit down on a giggle and leaned in closer to watch the drama unfolding before me.

The Chilchek leaned forward over the table, looming over the man, who glanced around nervously before taking a step back, giving me a clear look at his face.

And oh, my hot, heavenly stars, he was gorgeous.

Not just because he was the first human I’d seen in months and months.

No, he was flat-out handsome. Dark hair, wide luminous eyes, full lips, high cheekbones.

Quit it, Lise, I scolded myself. No matter how long I’d been stuck here, I wasn’t in this freakshow of an alien bar looking to get laid. I needed a crew.

The Chilchek dropped all four forelegs onto the table, scattering the cards and currency that presumably made up the game they had been playing moments before.

Taking another step back, the human finally replied, raising his own arms as if to ward off the alien warrior. “Fine. If you say you weren’t cheating, then there’s no problem. I don’t want any trouble.”

Most of the players had pulled back from the table and were now, along with the rest of the bar’s patrons, focused on the confrontation.

Any second now, one of the two combatants would lunge for the other and the whole place would erupt in fighting. Time to get out.

I tossed some coins on the table to pay for my drink—Blue had translated its name as a Galactic Blaster—and dropped off the stool to stand on the sticky metal floor beneath. But as I turned to leave, I noticed one of the players step in closer to the table. This one looked more human than not, but built on a bigger scale. And with beautiful, multicolored metal wings on his back. He wore an eyepatch over one eye. With his single good eye, he shot a glance at the human, who gave an almost imperceptible nod.

What was going on here?

With an audible screech of his mandibles, the Chilchek scuttled across the table, employing all six of his appendages as legs, his pincer horns snapping closed inches from the man’s face.

Cursing, the human picked up a nearby chair and swung it toward the Chilchek.

The rest of the bar exploded, everyone drunk and itching for a fight.

The butterfly guy, though, took advantage of the distraction and swept all the currency off the table and into a bag.

Another alien staggered back from a blow someone had landed on its face and bumped into me, almost sitting in my lap. I pushed it off me and focused on the two who had started this bar brawl. They were still lunging, but neither had made contact.

This was a setup. They planned it all.

Without stopping to second-guess myself, I ducked and wove through the reeling crowd until I reached the back-entrance butterfly guy had slipped out through.

If my guess was right, I might have just found the crew I’d been looking for.

* * *

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