Mystic Marauder Update! #kickstarter #reverseharem #books #fantasy #paranormal #pirates #romance

We are moving right along with our campaign. This week, we’ve gotten more art in from our artists–in particular, the first character card and the second vellum artwork. Check it out below!

New Artwork

New Stretch Goals

Also, we’ve added a surprise Stretch Goal. When we hit $5500 in pledges, we will include a bonus postcard with the cover art from Book 1 for all merch-level backers and a printable bookmark with the same artwork for all backers.

If you want to help us reach that goal, you can share the project by going to our main page and clicking on the social media icons and/or by entering to win our Premier Swag Pack giveaway!

And finally, we’ve updated our Stretch Goals to include the next listed stretch goal–a set of the merman NSFW or the SFW art printed on vellum (your choice) for merch-level backers.

One comment on “Mystic Marauder Update! #kickstarter #reverseharem #books #fantasy #paranormal #pirates #romance

  1. TEL-U says:

    We are moving right along with our campaign.
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