Alien Bride Lottery Kickstarter: MORE Freebies!

Back the Alien Bride Lottery Kickstarter and pick up a whole pile of extras! Free ebooks, extra Alien Bride Lottery stories, signed swag, and more! Check out the Kickstarter campaign for a list of all the bonus perks!

Stretch Goal 8 & Surprise Bonus 9: Unlocked

This stretch goal includes a signed bookmark, and the surprise bonus is an exclusive digital sticker of a cute alien. This little guy just might make an appearance in one of the bonus stories I’m writing for this campaign!

Remember, the second brand-new Alien Bride Lottery story is the bonus for reaching the very next stretch goal. I’ve already started writing, so you can check out a short excerpt below. If you want to be sure to get “Betrayed by the Alien Bride Lottery,” continue to support this campaign by sharing the info about the book and rewards with a friend!


Vos Klavoii, the director of the Bride Games, gave a predatory smile, his teeth shining white against his neon-green skin. “You should have told us you were engaged to a human man. Your fiancé seemed quite desperate to make sure you made it home safely.”

“My fiancé?” My voice rose to a squeak at the end of the word. “He told you we were going to be married? That’s not true. I never accepted his proposal. I never even took the ring he tried to give me. He’s the entire reason I’m here—I was running away from him.”

“That’s not what Mr. Romano told us.”

“Ask Bian! I told him the whole story.” At that moment, I wished more than anything that I had accepted the sexy, hot pink alien’s offer to accompany me to this meeting.

Klavoii shrugged carelessly, the movement just a little too practiced to be believable. “Your fiancé was quite convincing. Especially when he told me there was a reward for your safe return.”

I spun around, looking for an escape route from Klavoii’s office.

But even if I could get out of here, where could I escape to? I was on a space station. There were only two ways off Station 21: use a transporter or take a ship. But I didn’t have access to the transporter tubes. And I didn’t know how to fly one of the spaceships docked in the hangars.

A round, porthole-style window to one side of Klavoii’s desk caught my attention. Through it, I could see stars shining in the deep black of space.

Make that three ways.

I could leave the space station through one of the airlocks Bian had shown me on our tour.

It wasn’t the worst death I could imagine, stepping out into the cold nothingness.

At least it wouldn’t take long. I’d be dead in a matter of moments.

There was only one problem.

I wanted to live.

Betrayed by the Alien Bride Lottery: Available only via the Alien Bride Lottery Kickstarter IF we hit the next stretch goal!

New July Bonus Perks

Also, for anyone who backs the campaign by the end of the day on July 31, I have added three new ebook bonus perks! Anyone who has already backed the campaign will receive these, as well.

Support Publishing on Kickstarter

Finally, before you go, check out the great publishing campaigns by other authors listed below, and again, please do continue to support this campaign by sharing the info about the book and rewards with a friend!

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