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EXCERPT FROM “Chickening Out” by Margo Bond Collins

I have to get away from this guy before I make a fool of myself.

Grabbing her hand away from her new neighbor—my enormous, muscular, gorgeous, isn’t wearing a shirt, and oh my God he smells amazing new neighbor—would be rude.

But he had stopped doing anything like a normal handshake and was rubbing his thumb gently against the skin on the back of her hand, all the while gazing at her face with an awestruck expression. Where his skin touched hers, tiny tingles of awareness sparked through her.

She needed to add amazing ice-blue eyes and hot-as-hell touch to her list of his appealing attributes.

After a few seconds, he shook himself out of his daze and dropped her hand. Or rather, lowered it gently, as if he were afraid she might break if he didn’t handle her carefully.

A sudden vision of him running his hand over her naked hip flashed through her mind.

Her cheeks heated up and she turned away, hoping he didn’t notice. “Nice to meet you,” she mumbled as she pushed her apartment door wider.

“Wait,” he said, his voice rumbling out from deep inside his bare—strong, wide, muscular, amazing—chest.

She glanced back at him and her eyes dropped to the jeans he wore slung low on his hipbones.

Eyes. Look at his eyes, Tori.

Certain her whole face was flaming red by now, she met his gaze.

“Would you go to dinner with me?”

* * *

Download CRACKED: An Anthology of Eggsellent Chicken Stories

Chickens Land on Mars…

But what happens when authors have too much free time on their hands?

A challenge.

Craft a story featuring our favorite feathered raptors: the CHICKEN.


Twenty authors deliver in some unexpected ways and live to crow about it.

From chickens in space to cozy murder mystery farm yards to schools of magickal thought…

Includes guardian angels, chicken shifters, aliens, and feathered matchmakers,

Maybe even a non-fiction adventure or two… and more!

These amazing chickens come from the minds of twenty cooped-up authors on the edge of cracking…

Read CRACKED: An Anthology of Eggsellent Chicken Stories

One comment on “CRACKED! #anthology #chickens #shifterromance #pnr

  1. Matthew says:

    I’m more than half-way through the book, and I’m really enjoying it. Your story was particularly fun.

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