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These sexy aliens will stop at nothing to claim their mates—including abducting them!

When hot, hunky aliens need to find a mate, they know right where to look: Earth. But let’s face it, not all Earth girls are easy. We prefer our guys—even our alien guys—to put in some serious effort. Good thing human men make it easy for them.

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EXCERPT from Star Mate Stolen

With a wave, I enabled the cloaking device and set a course for the planet. But the closer I got, the more horrified I became. The atmospheric parameters should have been roughly the same as ours, given the females’ ability to mate with the Drovekzian. But despite its jewel tones from afar, the planet’s atmosphere was choked with unbreathable gasses, its oceans with debris. 

This planet was a wastehole. 

When I got closer, I could see why. The planet’s primary inhabitants moved from place to place in combustion-powered vehicles running on flammable liquids. 

It was a wonder they hadn’t blown themselves into oblivion.

I narrowed in on one large urban area, then paused. 

“Oh, why not?” I said aloud. It’s not like Dax would ever know. And I was curious. I waved in my own mating parameters and waited while the computer scanned. A second later, it beeped.

A match. Right here in the city I was currently gliding over. Not far away, in fact. 

This is a stupid move, Jalek. I shook the thought off. I had spent my life certain I would die in battle having never known love. I had to see what my possible mate-match looked like. 

Just one peek. That’s all. And with that silent promise to Dax, I turned my ship toward the beacon. I flew us low over the oddly square dwellings below, until I reached an empty square surrounded on three sides by a metal enclosure. I hovered there when the ship announced my target was headed directly toward me. 

When I was certain she had nowhere else to go, I dropped the ship down until it settled on the scrubby vegetation, eagerly peering out the front viewscreen.

As she came around the corner, my breath caught in my throat. She was tiny and round, her skin the color of claxov cream with a hint of pink underneath, and her hair flew around her in golden waves as she glanced over her shoulder. 

She raced to the back barrier and attempted to scramble up it, but before she made it halfway up, two males–also small, like my mate–followed her, one of them pulling her down on the ground, where she huddled in terror. One of the two males pointed a weapon at her, yet another explosion-based device, according to the ship’s readings.

A growl rumbled in my chest as I waved the door open, and I was already shifting into my beast by the time I hit the ground, bounding toward my mate. At the sound of my roar, the two males jerked around to stare at me wide-eyed.

As he caught sight of me, the male holding the weapon twitched, and the device went off. 

My mate screamed, and I leaped to attack her assailants.

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5 comments on “A Hot New Alien Abduction Romance Collection #MFRWHooks #preorder #SFR #scifiromance

  1. mckennadeanromance says:

    Whoa! I think I’d want to be abducted too, under those circumstances! Good thing Jalek rolled with his instincts!

  2. Tena says:

    Did the shot hit or miss? good hook. Jalek went with his instincts, but will it be to late? Interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  3. henhousepublishing says:

    The initial description makes it seem as if his mate is still a child. Then out come the firearms. Is his mate running from the cops? Or is she being pursued by thugs?

  4. Janet says:

    Exciting bit here

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