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Welcome to this week’s Book Hooks, part of a blog hop with Marketing for Romance Writers. This week, I’m introducing the first book of my upcoming series, the Abracadabra Apocalypse! Check it out below, then go see what else the authors of MFRW are working on these days!


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Faye Jacobs may not be a wizard—but she’s determined to conjure a magic bullet to save her world.

When Magicians from another dimension broke through to Earth ten years ago, some smartass called it the Abracadabra Apocalypse.

The name stuck around.

So did the Magicians.

No one was prepared for the havoc they wrought. Now they use what they want and destroy the rest. They’re convinced they can’t be overthrown—that in a world devoid of magic, they’re destined to rule.

They’re wrong about it all.

We’ve learned that some humans of this world do have magic. Unlike the Magicians’ wizardry, our magic doesn’t require potions or spells or incantations. If we can find the right person to teach us to use our power, we might take everything back.

That’s where Seth Weiland comes in. He’s smart, sexy, powerful—and a wizard himself, on the run from his villainous former associates.

I’m not ready for the wildfire he brings swirling into my life. But if I can control the dangerous desire he alights in me, he’ll teach me everything I need to learn—and more than I should, if I’m not careful.

One thing’s for certain, though: the Magicians are not prepared for the hell we’re about to let loose on them.

Fans of Ilona Andrews, Faith Hunter, and Suzanne Collins will love the blend of dystopian magic, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance in MAGIC OCCUPATION, Book 1 of the Abracadabra Apocalypse trilogy from New York Times Bestselling author Margo Bond Collins!

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2 comments on “Welcome to The Abracadabra Apocalypse ~ Margo Bond Collins #preorder #urbanfantasy #paranormalromance #MFRWhooks #MFRWauthor

  1. Janet says:

    Let’s hope the rebelling wizard gives the people what they need.

  2. henhousepublishing says:

    I’d like to know why the wizard broke away from his colleagues.

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