Novel Previews: Darkness There by Margo Bond Collins

Novel Previews

I’ve got a whole pile of books coming out this year, so I’ll be sharing a few excerpts from the ones in boxed sets over the next few days. Check out the following passages for a hint of what’s in store! (I’m also including cover images where available! 🙂  )

Darkness There (A Shifter Shield Story) – Available in Wayward Magic
“There’s darkness in that one.” The woman sitting on a stool in front of a Magic Mermaid slot machine didn’t quite manage to cover her comment, and Bronwyn Driscoll was reminded of how the old crows back home used to murmur as she slid by, doing her best to remain unnoticed.

This time, the raven-shifter didn’t have to hide. Instead, she stopped, turned around, and backtracked through the slots’ flashing lights, coming to stand directly behind the old woman and the friend to whom she’d spoken.


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