Sweet Treats Valentine’s Day Book Blast & #Giveaway!

Welcome to the Sweet Treats Valentine’s Day 99cent Romance Book Blast & Kindle + Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

February 10th through to February 14th, Valentine’s Day, we have some awesome love gifts for readers!

 A group of authors decided to get together and put their books on sale for 99 cents for YOU for Valentine’s Day

And, cause everyone deserves bit o’ extra love, one lucky giveaway entrant will win a Kindle Fire + $25 Amazon Gift Card to get them started! 

So, ladies and gents, click the link below to be swept off to the hidden, deliciously sweet destination filled with all the happily-ever-afters your heart desires, and where our giveaway is just waiting for you to grab hold and enter! 


Special Thanks To All The Contributing Authors

Gina Kincade

Kiki Howell

Angelica Dawson

Laxmi Hariharan

Michelle Fox

Lori King

Lisa Smeaton

Demelza Carlton

Tania F Walsh

Author Shelique Lize

Rosalie Redd


Annie Nicholas

Michelle Hercules Soars

Erica Reeder

Cecilia Lane

A K Michaels

Candice Phillips Gilmer

Candace Ayers

C.E. Wilson

Sarah j. Stone

Felisha Antonette 

Erica Ridley

Skye Jones

Emma Calin

Jennifer Reynolds

Leilani Love

Lucy Felthouse

Muffy Wilson

Jessica E. Subject

Erzabet Bishop

Pablo Michaels

Lindy S. Hudis

Jade C. Jamison

Margo Bond Collins

Decadent Kane

Michele E. Gwynn

Noree Cosper

Jade Kerrion

Abby Hayes

You can also enter the giveaway below!

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