Review ~ Carolina Crypto: The Lizard Man Affair by Blaire Edens #5*s!

This book is Bigfoot Hunter meets Veronica Mars (all grown up)!

I love Blaire Edens’ books in general, but this one may be my favorite of all of them. Lucy’s life as a disgraced academic turned out-of-work cryptozoologist takes a turn for the wild when she meets Spencer, an attorney determined to prove that his father did not run off with a lover, but was killed by the giant Lizard Man haunting the Carolina swampland.

But this aspiring Bigfoot Hunter/Private Investigator can’t help but be intrigued, so she takes the case–and the chase is on.

Five bright, shiny, lizardy, swampy, cryptozoological stars. Carolina Crypto: The Lizard Man Affair is fun, funny, and sexy, and I can’t wait for the sequel!


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Anthropologist Lucy Whittemore is on a quest to track down a killer. When Spencer Watson hires her to solve the mystery of his dad’s disappearance, she’s pretty sure the mythical Lizard Man isn’t the culprit. But the truth is usually stranger than fiction. Tracking the beast through a steamy South Carolina swamp, the two find themselves up close and personal with a reality far scarier than they ever imagined. Hunting down a creature of legend might be the easy part. . . especially when you throw the possibility of love into the mix.


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