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Although none of my books feature a Valentine (yet!), I like to think that the spirit of Valentine’s Day–giving gifts of love–lives in all romance novel.

One of my favorite romantic moments in all my books is in Taming the Country Star, when Cole sings to Kylie, and the song he sings is one he wrote just for her:


Grabbing his microphone off the stand, Cole thrust his guitar toward Freddy without ever taking his gaze off his target. He waved at the band to keep going, then moved to the edge of the stage and vaulted off.

The two security guards manning the barricade separating the row of seats from the stage glanced at each other, startled.

“Hey, man,” one of them yelled over the shouts of the audience. “You okay?”

Cole nodded and kept moving. Bringing the microphone up to his mouth, he started singing again, picking up at the chorus.

“I know you gotta catch a flight

So walk on out the door

Go ahead and leave tonight

Just call me tomorrow.”

Women leaned in over the barricade, yelling and reaching toward him. He brushed past them, then bent over far enough to take Kylie’s hand. Heat sparked from her palm to his and he smiled, more slowly this time.

Kylie blinked and panic flashed across her face, but he didn’t let go. Instead, he tugged her toward him and curled her fingers in his, pulling them up to his chest, holding them there, and gazing into her eyes. The tempo of the music slowed as he sang the final verse.

“I know you have to leave tonight

I know you have to go

But don’t call me your yesterday

Please call me your tomorrow.”

As the last notes died out, Cole felt a shudder run through Kylie’s arm, and holding the microphone loosely between his thumb and forefinger, he stretched out to cup her cheek. She pressed up against the opposite side of the barricade and he tilted his head down toward hers. The heat of her breath fanned across his mouth. He could almost taste her.





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  1. angelicadawson says:

    Great tease. Thanks for sharing.

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