Spotlight On: A Bucket Full of Awesome, by Zainab T. Khan



A Bucket Full of Awesome
by Zainab T. Khan
Release Date: February 14th 2015

Summary from Goodreads:

“You know, Blake, even though we all know that cancer is a heartless dragon who wants to take everything and everyone into its fiery pit, we still fight with it. We still hope. And we clash again and again with its fire, and even though we get burned, we don’t accept defeat. Humans are the most fragile yet the strongest beings on earth.” 
“And they are the most stubborn.” 
I laughed, “Right. They are stubborn.” 

Summer Wallace is a wild, crazy girl who simply couldn’t care less about her appearance. She strongly believe in the saying, “You Only Live Once”, in teenage subculture also known as YOLO. She plays basketball like her life depends on it. Well, it sort of does, she loses one game and there’s a dent in her ego, not a small one either. 

Meet Blake Walker, her best friend and her partner-in-crime. Although he is just like his childhood best friend in acting-like-a-kid department, he can be a bit saner than her. Though, at times, he can be crazier than her. But a day changes both of their lives which leads Summer to make a bucket list and complete it before her whole life takes a 180 degree. Whereas, Blake is determined to keep her as long as he can. And he is perfect for the job. After all, he knows her more than anyone else. And they have no room for regrets. As Summer Wallace says, “There shouldn’t be any space for regrets in our beautiful lives.” 


“Hey do you want to dance?”

“Dance?” I burst into a fit of laughter. “Seriously, Blake? We’re on an ice rink!”

“Exactly. Let’s dance.” Without waiting for my response, he led me to the centre of the ice rink and steadied himself first, still holding on to my hand. Then he put his right hand on my waist, while the other had my hand in his grip. “Well, none of us knows how to dance but if I remember right, this is how people do, yeah? So let’s begin.”

And with that we waltzed on the ice like a soft breeze, the chatter of people acting as our music. Once we had done enough flouncing, he led us back to the centre, held me firmly in place, and gave me a devilish smirk. Just by that I had an idea of what he was going to do.

“NO Blake, no…” And then he spun me around. With one arm behind his back and the other holding my finger as I twirled on my skates, like a ballerina. Only this was on ice. My protests soon turned into laughter. Then he gradually took me in his hold back again and “dipped” me, which frankly speaking, scared the bejesus out of me. As risky as it was, it was worth it and when he finally let me up, there was a huge applause for the both of us. Only then did we realise that we were kind of giving people a free show. Blake gave me a half bow.

“And with that we cut off #10 from the bucket list too.”


About the Author
 I’m Zainab, a 16-year old faux writer. You can say that I’m more of a reader than a writer. Meg Cabot would be my favorite young adult author. The forty rules of love by Elif Shafak and Making faces by Amy Harmon would be my all-time favorite  books.  Favorite  fictional boyfriends would be Jesse de Silva, Maxon Schreave, Adrian Ivashkov and Flynn Ryder.
Update (14/07/15): David ‘Tag’ Taggert replaces all the four guys. Okay, not replaces but he is definitely my dream guy.

Now back to real life, I’m a student in high school and English and Culinary Arts are my favorite courses. It was due to Once Upon a Time the TV show that I stumbled upon the art and the magic of writing. Somehow, among all this, I ended up a publishing a book. I’m working on a new book currently, hoping to publish it by Fall 2015. 

I would like to mention here that English is not my first language, so I request all my readers to excuse me whatever mistakes and errors I make in my writing, though I try to give you the very best version.
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