Giveaway + Guest Post: On Writing Erotica, by Tamsin Baker ~ Uniform Fetish Anthologies

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Guest Author: Tamsin Baker

Thank you so much for having me on your blog today Margo.

In my ‘real life’ (away from writing, publishing and the amazing authors I get to talk to every day,) I occasionally share my secret life with my every day family and friends.

The reaction is always the same. Surprise, laughter, and occasionally a snide comment or two.

The questions are always the same too, how do you write so many different stories and do you write about your own experiences.

Both answers are simply answered, it’s easy and NO!

The process for me changes with each story, but with the one I wrote for Evernight’s manlove uniform anthology, it was fast, electric and passionate. The scene I mean.

When I get inspired, I don’t feel like I have much control over what’s happening in the scene or on the page. It’s more like watching a movie. I sit back and follow the action unfolding before my very eyes, and write it down as I go, giggling and squirming along with my characters. Lachlan and Tayte’s story was very much like that for me.

I love m/m bdsm stories and although there is some D/s in my story- Real life role play, it isn’t true bdsm. Just one dominant man making his lover feel needed and desired.

The answer to the question of whether I write what I know, is usually answered when I tell people I write m/m (and I’m obviously a woman.) Then the question transforms into, well, then how can you write something you don’t know.

I laugh and answer, that’s like asking JK Rowling if she’s a witch. You do some research and use your imagination, it is fiction after all.

I love writing and the world I create inside my head. There is nothing I’d rather do and I hope you enjoy the stories in our anthology.

Here’s a short excerpt to whet your appetite. Enjoy 🙂

And thank you so much for having me


March 4 - Margo - graphic

He was in the shower with his head tilted back, pleasure rippling across his handsome face. Maybe the other guy was on his knees? Tayte stood on his toes and used the mirror to spy his lover with … his own hand. Lachlan gasped again and stroked faster, his breathing coming in hard pants.

Relief surged through Tayte, hard and swift. It was so intense, his knees weakened, and he gripped the door frame to keep from collapsing. Lachlan wasn’t cheating on him. Of course he wasn’t. His heart slowed to an almost sickening thud. He hadn’t been wrong about this guy he’d brought into his home and opened his heart to.

Lachlan moaned, and, pushing his anxiety aside, Tayte refocused on his lover. He was getting close, and Tayte couldn’t have that. He didn’t want Lachlan coming without him. He knocked loudly on the bathroom door twice then pushed it open, his cock lengthening inside his pants. His boy was so beautiful.

Lachlan’s gaze swung toward him as he released his cock like it had burned his palm. His face flushed red, and he took a step back in the shower attempting to hide beneath the spray. Tayte raised an eyebrow at his lover. “Do you need a hand, honey?”

Tayte eyed the lovely cock straining up Lachlan’s belly and noticed all the signs of his embarrassment. Feet shuffling, breathing rate increased, deflating erection.

“I … you didn’t tell me you were coming home early, babe.”

Tayte undid his shirt buttons, not caring that he was about to throw his uniform across the foggy, wet bathroom. “Obviously, or I’d hope you wouldn’t have started without me.” He watched Lachlan’s tongue sneak out to caress his lips as his eyes followed Tayte’s hands.

Lachlan smiled at him, his eyes shadowed as he shrugged and picked up the soap, ignoring the fact that Tayte was now shirtless. “You’ve been tired lately, Tayte.”

He had been exhausted lately, but he certainly wasn’t feeling like that now. Tayte walked towards the vanity, opened the bathroom drawer and grabbed the lube.

From the pout on Lachlan’s mouth and the sad look around his eyes, it seemed that Tayte had been dropping the ball, and he wanted to make it up to him. Lachlan was submissive to him in almost every way, but tonight his boy needed some special attention.

Tayte stripped off his pants, his underwear, socks and threw them toward the laundry basket.

“Does my baby boy need some attention?”

Lachlan’s soapy hands froze, and he turned to face him, eyes wide.


Author bio: Tamsin Baker in an Aussie girl who read sexy romance for years, skipping the story to find the ‘good bits’. When she found Erotic romance and Erotica, it was like coming home to people who understood. When it was time to write, the world expanded and she knew this was what she wanted to do forever.

Author links:

Anthology link:

Uniform Fetish Anthologies

19 Authors – A lot of great Stories!

Does the sight of a cop’s badge—or his handcuffs—make your pulse race?  Do you drive by your local firehouse just to catch a glimpse of your favorite fireman? Ever peek in the cockpit just to check out the captain?

If you agree the only thing sexier than a man in uniform is a man out of uniform, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve handpicked an assortment of sizzling hot, uniformed heroes to satisfy your uniform fetish.


uniformantho1lUniform Fetish Authors:

Cat’s Rescue by Doris O’Connor

To Serve and Protect by Sandra Bunino

Wilde Start by Susan Hayes

Person of Interest by Lila Shaw

A Passionate Witness by Moira Callahan  Always by Donina Lynn

Wings of Gold by Evie Knight

Unshakable Me by S.J. Maylee

Welcome Home, Jason by Wren Michaels

 First Class by Meredith J. Scott


Buy Links:   Evernight   Amazon



Uniform Fetish Manlove Edition Authors:

Rain and Promises by Elizabeth Monvey

Fine Dining by Nicola Cameron

The Layover by Gale Stanley

  Scars by James Cox

A Walk on the Wild Side by Pelaam

  Real Life Role Play by Tamsin Baker

Mile High Rebound by L.D. Blakeley

  The British Are Coming by Lilith Duvalier

Fired Up by Lucy Felthouse


Buy Links Manlove Edition:   Evernight  Amazon

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    Congrats on the release of Uniform Fetish Anthologies, Tamsin. The excerpt for Real Life Role Play is sooooo HAWT! Will Tayte and Lachlan make other appearances in your books?

    Mina/Mindy 🙂

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