Sittin’ On The Porch With Kelly – Author/Publisher Margo Bond Collins – On Being Indie #amwriting

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Author Kelly Abell

Today I’m sittin’ on the porch with Margo Bond Collins, author and publisher extraordinaire. We’re sipping on some sweet iced tea and talking about Margo’s journey from author to publisher. She has some great insight we can all learn from. Let’s listen…

Indie Publishing. It means a number of things these days, from self-publishing to publishing with a small press, to publishing with a bigger publisher that still isn’t one of the Big Five.

I’ve never thought of myself as entrepreneurial. In fact, if anyone had asked me two years ago if I wanted to start my own publishing company, I would have laughed. I didn’t want to publish. I just wanted to write.

But then I became a published author.

Don’t get me wrong—I love the publishing companies who have published my books. I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience with them. In fact, I have sequels planned…

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