Join the ParaNymphs Street Team and Enter to Win the Grand Opening Giveaway! #PNR #RTPN

ParaNymphs with names 382x298

It’s the ParaNymphs Street Team Grand Opening!

Join fifteen authors of Paranormal Romance for fun and prizes! Get sneak previews and learn more about your favorite paranormal authors, books, and characters ~ and enter to win in our grand opening giveaway.


Paranymph /ˈpærəˌnɪmf/
1. (archaic) a bridesmaid or best man; someone who helped the bridal couple

Word Origin
C16: via Late Latin from Greek paranumphos, from para- 1 + numphē bride (literally: person beside the bride)


ParaNymphs Authors

Dawn Chartier

Gina L. Maxwell

Lynn Rush/Reese Monroe

Suzanne Johnson/Susannah Sandlin

Sherilee Gray

Nina Croft

Zoe Forward

Chloe Jacobs

Paige Cuccaro

Jessica Lee

Margo Bond Collins

Nichole Severn

Heather McCollum

Kaylie Newell

Cynthia Cooke



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