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In Wild About Rachel, Blair Edens gives us a book that is funny, sexy, sweet, and just a little bit untamed. Rachel Hansworth Morrow’s soon-to-be ex-husband has left her in debt and in the lurch, and with only a waitressing job at the worst diner in town to support her, she is about to lose the house she inherited from her grandmother. Mark Winters, the nerd who tutored her in high school, is back from a stint in the military, running a local wild-animal retrieval company, looking to hire someone—and not even close to being the geek she remembers. Instead, he’s strong, sexy, and intense. Rachel needs a job, but the idea of wrestling snakes and alligators terrifies her. And Mark is looking to hire her for much more—he needs someone to pretend to be his fiancée in order to comfort his dying mother in her final days.

This novel is absolutely delightful—wrestling alligators was never so much fun!  Mark is fiercely protective, but also willing to help Rachel learn to stand on her own again—even as he teaches her how deal with wild animals. More importantly, they both learn the value of reconnecting, and of how to approach love in its natural habitat. I’m absolutely wild about this book, and I think you will be, too!



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Former debutante Rachel Hansworth longs for the days when “alligator” was followed by “pumps” or “handbag.” Broke, Rachel takes the only job she can find: removing nuisance animals from Florida homes. Unfortunately, fighting the attraction to her boss proves more difficult than wrestling a gator.

Army veteran Mark Winters needs help with his business, but he wants Rachel more. He must honor a promise to his dying mother and find a fiancée. A real girlfriend isn’t part of the plan—he’s been there, done that. There’s only one problem: He can’t stop kissing Rachel.

She refuses to be duped by love again, and he won’t let a few hot make-out sessions tear down the walls he’s erected. But she’s all about the big bonus she’ll receive if she helps Mark. They’ll lower their defenses enough to trust each other when a wild animal is involved, but can they pull off the fake fiancée ruse and not be bitten by love


“You want me to wrestle what?” Rachel Hansworth Morrow wasn’t sure she’d heard him right.

“Alligators,” repeated Mark. “But it’s so much more than alligators. They’re just a small part of what Wild Things relocates. If squirrels or raccoons get into their attic, people call me.”

“I’m sorry to have wasted your time with this interview.” She stood up to leave, and extended her hand. “Thanks for seeing me anyway.”

Mark stood as well, and took her hand in his warm one. His thumb caressed the back of her hand, and she saw him glance down and frown.

Embarrassed, she pulled her hand back and tucked it in the pocket of her borrowed suit. She hadn’t been able to have manicures in months thanks to her no-good-cheating-almost-ex-husband.

“Rach, come on and sit back down.”

She’d been mortified when she walked in and recognized the interviewer.

Ten years ago, he’d been the biggest nerd in Webster’s Reef, maybe in all of Florida. She hadn’t recognized his voice on the phone, and he hadn’t mentioned his last name. But when she noticed the small scar lining the side of his left cheek that had earned him the unfortunate nickname of Frankenstein, there was no doubt he was the same guy she’d known since elementary school.

Mark Winters wasn’t a nerd anymore. The skinny, awkward frame had transformed into a well-toned, delicious body. Dressed in a sharply pressed white button-down shirt and khaki shorts, every inch of his six foot two inch frame looked solid. With skin tanned to a sun-kissed bronze, he didn’t have the look of a gym rat, but that of an outdoorsman. The blond hairs on his legs caught the sunlight beaming through the window, showing off his muscular calves to their best advantage.

But there was something else. Beyond the physical changes, he now had an edge, something hard and sharp, buried just below the surface. It wasn’t something she could see or smell, but something she sensed on a deep level, subtle but unmistakable. Her mouth went Las Vegas dry.

She hesitated now, looking into his eyes. She saw sincerity. Do I really want to degrade myself any more looking for a job?

“I’m not very good with animals to begin with, not to mention I’m terrified of snakes and alligators.”

“Let’s go to lunch. We can finish the interview there.”


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About the Author

1blaireBlaire Edens lives in the Appalachian Mountains lining the North Carolina and Tennessee border grew up on a farm that’s been in her family since 1790. Of Scots-Irish descent, her most famous ancestor, John Comyn, Lord of Badenoch and Lord of Lochaber, Guardian of Scotland, was murdered by Robert the Bruce on the altar of the Greyfirars Church at Dumfries.

She has a degree in Horticulture from Clemson University. She’s held a myriad of jobs including television reporter, GPS map creator, and personal assistant to a fellow who was rich enough to afford to pay someone to pick up the dry cleaning. When she’s not plotting, she’s busy knitting badly, running slowly, or listening to Blues greats like John Lee Hooker, Taj Mahal, and Muddy Waters.

Blaire loves iced tea with mint, hand-stitched quilts, and yarn stores. She refuses to eat anything that mixes chocolate and peanut butter or apple and cinnamon. She’s generally nice to her mother, tries to remember not to smack her bubble gum, and only speeds when no one’s looking.


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