Spotlight On: Someday, My Forever by Carrie Fox

Someday, My Forever  
Carrie Fox  
New Adult, @25k words

Rae Ann Bailey has focused on her family and education for her entire life. Now
a college freshman, she’s looking forward to everything that being in college
entails. She has always thought about what everyone wants and making them
happy, so she’s relieved to be out on her own and making her own decisions.

Sam Jenks is a junior, and a vital part of the college rowing team. Studying
and getting his team to the national championships are his only priorities. He
doesn’t have the time or the desire for a girlfriend

When Sam and Rae Ann meet, they have an instant connection that neither of them
can deny. As they get closer, his commitment to the rowing team strains their
new relationship, and Rae Ann has to decide if she can handle rowing being
number one. Just when it seems that things are going well, someone from Sam’s
past threatens to tear them apart. Can Sam and Rae Ann move past their
obstacles and decide that their forever is worth it?

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Several minutes later, Heidi breezed back inside and smiled widely.  “Let’s celebrate our freedom!”, she exclaimed.

I shot her a confused look and she laughed.

“Rae Ann, you and I are at the UW, free of parents…it’s time to cut loose!”

Gib smiled at Heidi.  “It’s good to see you again.”  He looked over quickly and waved me away.  “Go on, she won’t take no for an answer.”

Sighing resignedly, I followed her onto the elevator, which quickly rose to the 6th floor.  We made our way down our way down the hall in a comfortable silence.  I knew the night ahead would be an adventure.

~  ~

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Author bio:
Carrie Fox has been an avid reader since childhood.  Since discovering the Indie author community, she has become a blogger and joined street teams for established authors.  Someday, My Forever is her first published work.

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