It’s official! More romance, coming soon!

On my way home from RWA this week, this fabulous announcement came through my phone:

Entangled Deal

Although it’s been official for a couple of months, it’s still exciting to see the announcement!

If you want to meet the heroine of the next book in this Hometown Heroes series, you might just get a peek at her in the first book of the series:

Also, keep an eye on this blog–I came home from RWA with HUGE PILES of goodies, including stacks and stacks of books, and I’m going to be giving it away to YOU! Seriously, y’all–I’m pretty sure I have enough stuff to do a giveaway every week for the next year (and maybe even longer . . . ). I’m excited about everything I brought home to share with you!

2 comments on “It’s official! More romance, coming soon!

  1. elsie elmore says:

    Congratulations 😀

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