Kylie Andrews’ Worst Summer Vacation Ever (Blog Hop ~ #MFRWave)

Welcome to the MFRW Summer Blog Hop!

On this stop, I’m featuring my new contemporary romance, Taming the Country Star, and I’m giving away a new e-book release from Entangled Publishing. So be sure to check out Kylie’s worst vacation ever, read the excerpt from my book below, enter to win an Entangled e-book, then HOP! (But before you head out, tell me: what is your favorite kind of romance novel?)


Kylie’s Worst Summer Vacation Ever . . . or Maybe Best

My heroine, Kylie, went on a summer beach vacation—one that was supposed to be her honeymoon, but ends up being a solo trip. So here, I’m including the top five reasons she’s glad she took that honeymoon beach trip, even alone:

1. Sun, sand, and surf. (That’s technically three reasons—but Kylie counts them all together.) There was lots of fun to be had at the beach, even alone! And because she booked the honeymoon suite, she spent the trip in luxury.

2. A chance to get away from prying eyes. Having just been dumped (practically at the altar), taking her honeymoon trip was a chance to avoid all those people who wanted to offer condolences—or who just want to get a look at the jilted bride!

3. Rum punch, margaritas, pina coladas, and other excellent beach drinks. Because YUM. Add a pool with a swim-up bar, and it’s just about perfect, as far as Kylie’s concerned.

4. All the beachy eye-candy. If you take your honeymoon alone, no one is going to complain if you give that volleyball player more than his share of attention–and Kylie was glad of it!

1. The possibility of meeting someone new. Sure, it might just be a honeymoon hook-up, a rebound guy, a way to forget that she supposed to be on her honeymoon. But maybe, just maybe, it could turn into something more. . .

He’ll do anything to win her heart. She’ll do anything to keep him away.

Country star Cole Grayson is in town, and Kylie Andrews is less than thrilled. As if months of changing the radio station and tearing down his posters weren’t bad enough, now she has to deal with a town of fans swarming toward the man who deceived her the year before. But when Kylie’s eyes meet Cole’s again, she can’t deny the electric chemistry that drew her to him the first time around.

Cole Grayson is on a mission. Ever since Kylie left him, he hasn’t been able to forget her sweet country smile. After writing a song just for her, he sets off for her hometown to prove he’s not the player she thinks he is. But as much as Cole can’t forget her, Kylie wonders if she can forgive him…


Grabbing his microphone off the stand, Cole thrust his guitar toward Freddy without ever taking his gaze off his target. He waved at the band to keep going, then moved to the edge of the stage and vaulted off.

The two security guards manning the barricade separating the row of seats from the stage glanced at each other, startled.

“Hey, man,” one of them yelled over the shouts of the audience. “You okay?”

Cole nodded and kept moving. Bringing the microphone up to his mouth, he started singing again, picking up at the chorus.

Women leaned in over the barricade, yelling and reaching toward him. He brushed past them, then bent over far enough to take Kylie’s hand. Heat sparked from her palm to his and he smiled, more slowly this time.

Kylie blinked and panic flashed across her face, but he didn’t let go. Instead, he tugged her toward him and curled her fingers in his, pulling them up to his chest, holding them there, and gazing into her eyes. The tempo of the music slowed as he sang the final verse.

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About the Author

Margo Bond Collins is the author of a number of novels, including Waking Up Dead, Fairy, Texas, and Legally Undead. She lives in Texas with her husband, their daughter, and several spoiled pets. She teaches college-level English courses online, though writing fiction is her first love. She enjoys reading urban fantasy and paranormal fiction of any genre and spends most of her free time daydreaming about vampires, ghosts, zombies, werewolves, and other monsters.


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3 comments on “Kylie Andrews’ Worst Summer Vacation Ever (Blog Hop ~ #MFRWave)

  1. MonaKarel says:

    What a great excerpt! It got my heart going on a sunny New Mexico morning. THANKS

  2. J. C. Conway says:

    I like Kylie already. Thanks for the post and excerpt!

  3. Skeeter Lee says:

    My favorite romances stories are contemporary romance and romantic suspense.

    Thanks for sharing the Taming the Country Star excerpt and taking part in the hop.

    Have a great week!

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