The First Bite Is The Deepest ~ Guest Post by T.W. Piperbrook


I can still remember the day I got hooked on zombies.

On a friend’s recommendation, I went to see the Dawn of The Dead remake in the theater in 2004. I’d always loved horror books and movies—I’d been digesting King and Koontz since I was in elementary school. But for some reason I had yet to experience the Romero films, and I’d yet to have the full “zombie experience”.

Five minutes into that movie, I’d found a new obsession.

The scene I remember most vividly is where Ana (Sarah Polley) wakes up in the morning to find her young neighbor in the house. Within seconds, the little girl attacks Ana’s husband, infecting him, and Ana is forced to make a narrow escape out the bathroom window. She soon finds herself in the middle of the street in broad daylight, where chaos has ensued. Cars are on fire, neighbors are running rampant, and zombies are preying on anything that moves. If anything can be blamed for my zombie addiction, it is that moment in film.

This scene took many of the “tropes” of Hollywood horror and threw them out the window. Gone were the dark attics, the creatures lurking in closets, and the slow buildups. The threat of zombies in this movie was real and inescapable, and it was everywhere.

The idea of a world like that intrigued me.

In the coming months, I would go on to devour anything and everything related to zombies. Although I enjoyed all aspects of the genre, I soon found myself drawn to a certain type of story. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of a “zombie apocalypse”—at least to me—was the reaction of normal people, the banding together of survivors with different backgrounds and experiences. Watching people cope and work together became the most captivating part of the experience.

In my CONTAMINATION series, I attempted to capture some of this same reality, but with a different premise. What if the virus was ingested, and you couldn’t trust anything you ate or drank? How would normal people survive?


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I won’t bite (unless I get infected).

Take care, and happy reading!



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