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Welcome to the Words, Words, Words entry in the Jumping Genres in June Giveaway Blog Hop, hosted by Stuck in Books.

Ever since I signed up to participate in this hop, I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out what kind of book would constitute “jumping genres” for me–because I read, literally, some of everything. So I finally gave up and decided to offer a copy of a book I read recently that is a little (but not much) outside of my comfort zone: a YA Science Fiction Dystopian novel.

So for this giveaway, I will be offering a paperback copy (in the U.S.–if you’re international, I’ll send an ecopy) of Jenna Black’s novel Replica. Check it out below:


Sixteen-year-old Nadia Lake’s marriage has been arranged with the most powerful family in the Corporate States. She lives a life of privilege even if she has to put up with paparazzi tracking her every move, every detail of her private life tabloid fodder. But her future is assured, as long as she can maintain her flawless public image—no easy feat when your betrothed is a notorious playboy.

Nathaniel Hayes is the heir to the company that pioneered human replication: a technology that every state and every country in the world would kill to have. Except he’s more interested in sneaking around the seedy underbelly of the state formerly known as New York than he is in learning to run his future company or courting his bride-to-be. She’s not exactly his type…not that he can tell anyone that.

But then Nate turns up dead, and Nadia was the last person to see him alive.

When the new Nate wakes up in the replication tanks, he knows he must have died, but with a memory that only reaches to his last memory back-up, he doesn’t know what—or rather, who—killed him.

Together, Nadia and Nate must discover what really happened without revealing the secrets that those who run their world would kill to protect.


I am also offering a challenge: I would love it if you could come up with a category in which I have not read and enjoyed a book. If you can, I will offer an additional surprise prize. And I’m willing to debate categorization, if you wish. I dare you: stump me! 🙂

So be sure to leave a comment (it’s one of the Rafflecopter entries), then enter the giveaway in the Rafflecopter, and finally, HOP to the rest of the Jumping Genres giveaway entries!


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39 comments on “Jumping Genres in June Giveaway Blog Hop

  1. Mary Preston says:

    For YA Dystopian I have to go with THE HUNGER GAMES.

  2. Tina Chan says:

    I LOVE The Legend series by Marie Lu

  3. miranda lewis says:

    Favorite dystopian would be Red Rising by Pierce Brown, I cannot wait till book twos out next year. thanks for the giveaway this looks like a really good read 😀

  4. I love Patricia Knight’s SF work. It has both great world-building and erotica.

  5. wandac says:

    For YA dystopian my favorite was The Hunger Games series. I read this series long before the movies and loved it.

  6. Cheryl Rogers says:

    Believe it or not I recommend Amish type romance stories, I actually do enjoy reading these.

  7. robyn donnelly says:

    I enjoy medical thrillers a lot like John Saul and such.

    • I haven’t read any John Saul, but I used to love reading Robin Cook’s medical thrillers. (Adding John Saul to my TBR list–I’ve decided this is my favorite blog discussion ever, b/c it adds lots of books to my list! 🙂 )

  8. cyndi flores says:

    hmmm i really don’t no how to stump you but zombie books may be a different one, i love paranomal and would love to get into sci fi thank you for the giveaway

    • Ooh. I LOVE ZOMBIE BOOKS! 🙂 (Seriously, this wasn’t a fair question. I have a Ph.D. in literature and I love reading genre fiction for fun. So I’m mostly using this as an excuse to get recs for new books in general . . .)

      What are your favorite zombie books? I loved World War Z, the Newsflesh series, and the Forest of Hands and Teeth series. 🙂

  9. ladymagnolia99 says:

    I also like The Hunger Games!! I saw the movie before I read the book. Both were very good!!


  10. bn100 says:

    How about medical fiction?

    • Hm. Medical thrillers, yes. Early Michael Crichton. Robin Cook. Who else?

      I have two siblings who are MDs. As pre-teens, they were always reading medical thrillers, and I read everything, so I borrowed their books. 🙂

  11. Angie F. says:

    My favorite sci-fi is Ready Player One. 🙂

  12. Laura Lesko says:

    the Legend Series!!!!

  13. I don’t usually read YA… but dystopian: I love Eve Kenin books Driven and Hidden… Houston Havens Sinful Surrender.

    Oh, do you read gothic novel? I like them. 🙂

    • I love, love, LOVE gothic lit! I like the eighteenth-century ones (Horace Walpole, Ann Radcliffe) and the more recent ones, like the gothic revival mysteries of the 70s (Mary Stewart, Phyllis A. Whitney).

      What are your favorites?

  14. Maybe a genre you haven’t read before would be BDSM…then again idk what you’ve read lol

    • Sarah: You’re mostly right–that’s something I’ve read very little of. But I actually read some of the Marquis de Sade’s writing when I was in grad school (his novel JUSTINE comes to mind) . . .

  15. Morgan says:

    My favorite dystopian/ sci-fi book series the prequel is a YA but the First book was NA and was amazing and it was Waterproof by Amber Garr and the prequel is Waterfall and I can not wait for the sequel Watermarked! It is a must read!!!

  16. Stephanie T. says:

    Um, have you read any New Adult books? You probably have, but it was worth a try. And I have to say that at the moment, the Infernal Devices books are my favorite series.

    • I like the Infernal Devices books, too! 🙂 I also just finished reading Julie Particka’s FALL WITH ME–it’s a New Adult romance from Entangled Publishing. I think it’s an interesting category . . . not quite “adult,” not quite YA . . .

  17. fsteph55 says:

    My new favorite genre is diesel punk. I am really enjoying it. One of my favorites is Shadows of Asphodel.

  18. I don’t know how to stump you lol. Umm,… maybe a dramedy,… Or Urban? *shrug* lol

    • Ha! No worries. 🙂 Hm. Dramedy: a number of Restoration-era plays fit that description. Urban . . . How Stella Got Her Groove Back? Does that count? I’ve read and enjoyed some others (mostly rec’d by my students), but I can’t remember the titles off-hand . . . One of the benefits of teaching literature is that students have always brought me *their* favorite books to share.

  19. Jennina says:

    My favorite YA dystopian would be Divergent. I have mixed feelings about the last book, but the whole series has touched and affected me much more than any series I’ve read so far. 🙂

  20. Bridget says:

    Hunger Games is awesome. Also, for old-school YA dystopian SF, there’s the Tripods books. I used to sneak off my brother’s Boys Life magazines so I could read the comic book adaptation.

  21. Seyma Shabbir says:

    I love Zombie stories also! I read the comments here for a genre to stump you! Have you read Rhiannon Frater?

    • Ooh. No! But one of her books is available for free (either right now or permanently), so I will soon have read something by her! 🙂 It looks just like the kind of thing I’ll enjoy–thanks, Seyma!

  22. BookLady says:

    My favorite YA dystopian novel is The Hunger Games. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  23. Daniel M says:

    one of my favs is Tales of known space by larry niven

  24. Lisa Vazquez says:

    A few of my top most favorite Sci-Fi & Dystopian books are the Divergent Series, The Taking, Lux Series, ACID and Alienated.

  25. Natalie says:

    I’m going to try to stump you….my guess is alternate history

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