Bathory Gate Press is Open for Submissions

With the publication of Beyond the Count, Bathory Gate Press is open for submissions!

Bathory Gate publishes both fiction and non-fiction, with the following emphases:

Genre fiction: including science fiction, fantasy, and romance
Non-fiction: specifically popular culture, literary criticism, and history

For more information about the press, please see their website.

Beyond the Count high resolution cover

Long before Dracula, vampires stalked the literary scene.

These early literary vampires are sometimes terrifying, at times melodramatic, and occasionally ridiculous, but they are always out for blood—and their vampiric descendants continue to fascinate and captivate us.

Beyond the Count is a collection of vampire stories, plays, and poems from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. This collection gives students, scholars, and vampire aficionados the opportunity to examine works often long out of print and to contextualize the development of vampire legend beyond that most famous of literary Counts.


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