Review: Wicked, by Jillian Kleine Der Löwe



Wicked offers a comic take on urban fantasy. Seven Cyn, otherwise known as Sev, is a member of the Kin, a being from the Astral Planes—and she’s also a CIA operative! Along with her best friend Leon, she goes in search of the Spear of Destiny, teaming up with Luc, the novel’s sexy love interest, and with Ace, a pixie with an attitude. Together, they face apocalyptic evil in their race to save the universe. And Sev faces the much more personal issue of being expected to kill off Luc (otherwise known as Lucifer), despite her love for him.

The novel’s vast canvas, spanning eons and the entire universe, allows for delightful character building. And Jillian Kleine Der Löwe’s world-building is fascinating. She draws upon imagery and tropes from a variety of religions and weaves them together into a compelling setting and storyline. Occasionally, the satirical elements seemed a bit heavy-handed; sometimes, this pulled me out of what should have been otherwise completely engrossing scenes. Nonetheless, Wicked is a fun ride, taking the reader from the comfortable world as we know it into a fantastical universe of light and dark, good and evil—a universe that blends the religious and the mundane into a fabulous background for entertaining characters and a plot that moves at breakneck speed.

Score: 4 stars


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2 comments on “Review: Wicked, by Jillian Kleine Der Löwe

  1. wickedjill says:

    Hi Margo! Thank you for taking the time to read and review Wicked, I really appreciate it. It’s kinda funny that you said that the satire was a little bit much… My husband said that the satire was like being smacked in the face with a fish, in a good way. I’m not entirely sure what good way he was talking about. I can’t imagine most people want to get smacked in the face with a fish. But if my satire is like getting smacked in the face with a fish, I’d probably like it then. 🙂

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