Guest Author, Deborah Melanie: What I Love About Winter

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Winter’s Spirit
by Deborah Melanie

I’m sure that you can guess by the title, Winter’s Spirit is set during the Winter months. I love this time of year. However, I do feel it comes with more cons than pros. Practically speaking, it’s a real pain in the bottom. When the snow does eventually come, getting around can be a logistical nightmare. I’m a pedestrian, so a real must for me is a pair of wellingtons. And though the first day of snow is lovely to stomp in, I have to admit that by the time the ice arrives, the pavement is a pretty dangerous place to be. At least once a year, you’ll find me lying on the path of my local village. Fortunately for me, my only trip to the hospital was the result of a fall at an ice skating rink. Needless to say, I have never returned to the scene of the crime.

So, apart from the injuries, cold and extra time on my journey, I am still fond of the winter. One of my favourite things to see is the children’s reactions to snow. The younger ones are happy to build with it, whilst the older ones love to throw the stuff. As a child, I remember my Granddad making me a sledge from wood. It was a great sledge and I remember many happy times, spent playing on it.

Above all these things, what I love about the winter time is the cosy feeling I get from being inside and watching the snow and the frost. There’s nothing better than seeing winter arrive with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand and a hearty casserole warming in the oven. It was this feeling of contentment that I wanted to convey in Winter’s Spirit. I wanted to warm the hearts of my readers, by sharing this time of year with them. By including all the ingredients that I enjoy about this time of year, I hoped to bring them not only a love story between two people, but a love for nature and the seasons.

So tell me readers, what do you love or dislike most about the winter months?


Winter McAndrew is on the brink of divorcing her philandering husband, Philip, when he dies in a car crash. One year later and with unfinished business; Philip is still earth bound and interfering in his wife’s love life. Trying to make amends isn’t always easy when you’re dead. Not only has Winter fallen for her old crush, Jack Tobin, but he also happens to be Philip’s cousin. With more complications than a woman needs at Christmas, Winter tries to find peace at her holiday home in The Lake District. However, when she finds herself snowed in with Jack; ghosts, old and new cause quite a stir. Will Winter get her man, or will ghostly Philip put an end to all her festive fantasies?


Did she hear them correctly? Did they really say…dead? Dead, as in door nail? Dead, as in never coming back?

Turning her eyes away from the thick gold band on her wedding finger, Winter looked around the sterile white corridor; old magazines littered a nearby coffee table, a late night cleaner erratically distributed disinfectant onto the tiled floor with a well-worn mop; the stench felt overwhelming. Hushed voices spoke in the reception area, adding a stark contrast to the wailing of a distant siren. Despite the time, she felt surprised to see the hospital in such a hive of activity.

The phone had woken her just after three; the journey to her destination taking well over an hour. Thick, falling, snow hampered each mile, drawing out her distress and sense of fear. A lack of information and worry about the unknown added to the already crushing sense of fear. After drinking two cups of weak coffee, she watched the morning sunrise through a nearby window, feeling the apprehension dawn upon a new chapter of her life.

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About the Author

Deborah Melanie writes romantic stories, is the wife of a retired semi-professional footballer and lives in the historical town of Northampton.


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