An Element of Time Character Profile: Meet Mackenzie Jones, by Bebe Knight

Today we have guest author Bebe Knight, here to discuss her character Mackenzie Jones from An Element of Time. Welcome, Bebe!

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‘Tis the season for paranormal reads! Be it spooky Halloween stories or typical vampire/werewolf romance novels, I love to wrap my hands around a good book with supernatural elements to it around this time of year. If you’re the same, you’re going to enjoy An Element of Time. I’m here today to introduce you to one of the characters, the hero of the book: Mackenzie Jones.


Tell us a little about Mackenzie Jones.

Mackenzie, or Mack as most people call him, lives in Burnstead, NY and is a bartender at the local college hangout, McPetebury Pub. He has aqua colored eyes, shaggy golden brown hair and dimples that accent his smile. Oh, and he’s a vampire.

What is his background story?

Originally born in 1905, Mackenzie was turned in 1931, forever holding him hostage at 26 year old. Mackenzie’s back story is a sad one, as most vampires’ back stories are, and he spent a lot of time dwelling on it. He blamed himself for things he couldn’t control. His family fell apart after he left and his fiancé at the time found new love. To top it off, he was forced to live with a coven of vampires that were brutal and unforgiving. It wasn’t until he found a coven in Upstate New York that his luck started to turn around.

How was he turned?

Mackenzie was on his way home from work in Brooklyn late one night when he was attacked by a stranger on the street. The image and voice of the vampire that dragged him into the alley still haunts him to this day. Left for dead, Mackenzie learned how to survive as a vampire on his own.

What about his love life?

Mackenzie is an old soul and doesn’t like to “sleep around”, yet it’s hard to form relationships with anyone when you’re forced into the darkness of the night and have to keep major secrets. So he’s been on a break from love for quite a while. Even if there are two girls at his bar that are crushing on him in a big way. It isn’t until Veronica Chase walks into his bar that he starts to get that loving feeling again. It’s just too bad she’s there to kill him.


I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into Mackenzie’s life! To read more about Mackenzie, check out An Element of Time!

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