Spotlight On: Kate de Jesus and The Gateway Discoveries


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The adventure begins…

When four friends find themselves stranded on a beautiful tropical island in the famed Bermuda Triangle, they set out to discover why their parents brought them there in the first place and, hopefully, get themselves rescued. But when they almost become lunch for a bizarre creature and a strange boy shows up claiming to be from another world, Nick, Simon, Remedy and Owen quickly realize this picture perfect paradise is not what it seems. It’s the adventure of a life time, but will they survive?


About the Author

Kate de Jesus is a wife and mother of two active boys who love to read. An avid reader herself, Kate set to work on Dark Fate Falling with her 12 year old son, Max. Max helped define the theme, many of the characters and all of the cool monsters in the books. In fact, the creature descriptions came directly from drawings Max created. Intended as a series of books that incorporate action and adventure to keep kids reading and yet still develops likable characters that an average 9-12 year old can relate to, The Gateway Discoveries has been a huge hit with the Middle Grade Readers. Kate lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and is a graduate of Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. The first two books in the series, Dark Fate Falling and The Brutal Ones are currently available on She is hard at work on the third book in the series, Arden’s War, The Gateway Discoveries Volume 3 due out in January 2014.


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